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Out of left Field

I was recently contacted by Charles Armstrong enquiring about my leaders and a non fishing use.  Charles races model yachts and was looking for a product to restore his yachts.  After some correspodence I sent some samples to Charles and he was over the moon.
Like I said a bit out of left field and not a fishng post but another happy customer.



SA Fish Pics

Long time user of Shane Doevy Leaders - Craig sent me some pics of his exploits - "mate the 30 lb leaders you made me for the whiting worked a treat and those 40 lb leaders handled the snapper no problems at all.
We snagged the shovelnose on a 50 lb wind on leader - it played up for ages and gave the kids heaps but the leader handled the work load with ease.  Thanks - Craig"
For sending in his pics for the web site Craig receives a discount on his next order - well done mate.  Send in or upload your pics of fish caught on Shane Doevy Leaders for a discount rate on your nect order.

Shady Camp Freshwater 30/7/11

With every man and his dog heading for 4 Mile hole and needing to get a bloke his first barra I made the call for some quiet time at Shady Fresh - awoke this morning to a pea souper fog which hung around till we got past Bark Hut making driving interesting. Nearly skittled mumma pig and several littleys as we exited the Mary River Bridge but the brakes pulled us up in time to watch them toddle off on there way - where the bl..dy rifle when ya need it. Rest of the trip in was uneventful and found only one car in the park on the fresh side - mmm maybe no fish biting here.

Customer Feedback

Heres some feedback I received today -
"Thanks for the correspondence, I’m finding your leaders to be strong, reliable and just good quality to use, down here in our Southern seas we I am sing them for trolling for tuna, attached to both diving lures and skirted lures and they perform nicely. They also bring good results when bottom bouncing for shark, I was losing a lot of School Shark due to them rubbing through shorter leaders or main line when they wrapped their sandpaper like skin around the line.

EBAY Feedback

A selection of my more recent feedback from my ebay store appears below - I have removed sellers names but if you need more convincing about the quality of my products have a look at my feedback in ebay at

Feel free to post your own comments and pics in this blog.

Here is some of my feedback

5 x 80lb Wind on leaders - Free Postage to Australiagood quick delivery happy with the product

Dundee 2/7/11

Slipped out to Dundee on Saturday 2/7/11 to take a couple of my southern mates for a fish - with big lows down in the bight it was looking promising. Found 3 or 4 boats in front of us - not too long a wait and we were on our way on pretty flat seas and soon arrived out near long lost.

It wasnt a super hot day fish wise - only saw one small mack chase my bait to the surface. Nothing looked at my sandmar all day. Only really found fish on one mark out around long lost - ended up with a nice feed of tricky snapper - some good ones - millions of little ones and heaps of bl.

First Post

Heres the first of what hopefully will be many posts - just got my site up and running - hope you like it and you find some useful infomation here. Ill try to keep this blog up to date with some info on how weare doing up here in the NT.

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